Xailient Created CVOps for Edge Computer Vision at Scale

Introducing the CVOps Category

CVOps made Orchestrait possible

What does CVOps mean for your Computer Vision AI strategy?

  1. Scaling Computer Vision cost-effectively requires a CVOps strategy.
  2. Maintaining customer satisfaction over time requires a CVOps strategy (due to Drift and evolving customer expectations).
  3. CVOps tools focus on the unique challenges of vision-based systems, adding more value than generic DevOps or MLOps systems.
  4. Release management to Edge devices should incorporate Quality Assurance testing and phased rollouts. A CVOps system should provide integrated process management with best practices to help ensure enterprise service levels.
  5. Building all of this in-house will take a team of engineers 76 full-time months (USD 1.6m) on average. It’s a lot harder than you think!



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Mark Crosling

Mark Crosling

Mark Crosling is a marketer, strategist, and writer. Thinking about thinking is his thing. He digs category design ’cause that’s where the treasure is.